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Introductory Short Course
Analysing Financial Statements
Financial reports are the primary means by which managers communicate company results to investors, creditors and analysts. These parties use the reports to judge company performance, to assess creditworthiness, to predict future financial performance, and to analyse possible acquisitions and take-overs. Users of financial statements must be able to meaningfully interpret financial reports, construct measures of financial performance and analyse the reporting choices made by companies. The purpose of this course is to give the foundation for such analysis.

Purpose of the course:

Participants will gain knowledge of the financial and business environments as well as influence the wealth creation process in a business. They will be able to demonstrate knowledge on the workings and analyses of financial statements.

Admission requirements:

Admission requirements: 
Basic understanding of accounting and financial statements at NQF level 5.
Learning assumed to be in place: 
National Senior Certificate or an equivalent NQF Level 4 qualification and basic numerical ability.

Course outcomes and assessment criteria :

Course outcomes and the associated assessment criteria: 

Study Unit


Assessment Criteria

  After completion of this course, participants will: Participant will be assessed on the following criteria:
  • Demonstrate how the financial and business environments influence the wealth creation process in a business;
  • Demonstrate knowledge on the workings of financial statements; and
  • Be able to analyse financial statements.
  • Utilise financial environments information to demonstrate how it influences the variables contained in the financial statements.
  • Evaluate the effectiveness with which financial statements are used in the organisation.
  • To comments on the wellness and management effectiveness of a business based on financial statements analysis.


To pass the programme, a participant has to obtain a mark of 50% (or more).
Method of assessment: 
Learning objectives will be accomplished through the following mix of methods and activities: self-tuition, analysis and discussion of actual cases (case studies); in-class individual and group assignments and exercises; lecturer presentations and company specific problem solutions.

Additional information

Mode of delivery: 
Target group: 
Employees at all levels of a company, probably people entering a position that requires an understanding of financial statements.
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