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Introductory Course
Workplace Relations
The rationale behind this short course is to acquaint student with the origin and basis of labour relations. After completing this module student should have better insight into where work originated from; social problems and social changes; and employment relations; with attention being focused on the work place.

Purpose of the course:

To provide a theoretical framework of the world of work pertaining industrial structures and economic processes.

Admission requirements:

Admission requirements: 
Grade 12 certificate.
Learning assumed to be in place: 

Course outcomes and assessment criteria :

Course outcomes and the associated assessment criteria: 

Study Unit


Assessment Criteria


On completion of this module the student should be able to:

  • demonstrate knowledge of and insight into the terminology; core principles and theories; and background of Industrial Sociology as it is applied in business:
  • demonstrate a fundamental knowledge of and insight into the study field of Industrial sociology
  • describe the role of the worker and organisations as part of the broader society, and show an understanding of the inter-relationship between business and community; and
  • demonstrate the ability to collect information regarding the responsibility of people and the community.

Assessment criteria:

  • The ability to evaluate various sociological thought schools and theories and to apply such to sociological problems.
  • The ability to apply sociological theories to current and identified labour relations problems and to suggest possible solutions to such problems.
  •  The ability know and understand social change in society and the effect of this on organisations.
  • To apply knowledge and skills regarding social change in order to identify, explain and solve problematic labour situations.


Proof of participation is awarded when all assignments are completed and the contact sessions attended.
Method of assessment: 
Submission of three(3) assignments, Written examination.

Additional information

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Target group: 
This course is available to any member of the public that need to improve his/her insight into where work originated from; social problems, social changes; and employment relations within the workplace.
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