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Short Course
Engineering Infrastructure Systems Management
Staff within Engineering Sector in the private and public sector experiences a shortage of functionaries with management skills to address problems relating decision making and operational practices for infrastructure system management. Due to political realities such as staff profile transformation and redress, both the private and public sectors require trained and capacitated staff to address the challenge of infrastructure system management. It includes both formally employed qualified and non-qualified employees. The lack of formal knowledge of engineering principles underlying infrastructure systems management is one of the main reasons for infrastructure failure and dysfunctionality (inclusive of bulk- and reticulation services). In the process limited knowledge related to obligations in terms of the applicable policy and legislative framework pertaining to infrastructure is evident. This short course will focus on capacity building of students in the basic infrastructure, technological and financial management principles in managing infrastructure systems.

Purpose of the course:

This short course aims to equip participants with the basic managerial skills in engineering infrastructure system management.

Admission requirements:

Admission requirements: 
B Tech or Diploma in Engineering NQF Level 6 or 7 (NQF 5 with at least 5 year working years of experience in infrastructure system operation and maintenance)
Learning assumed to be in place: 

Course outcomes and assessment criteria :

Course outcomes and the associated assessment criteria: 

Study Unit


Assessment Criteria

  After completion of this course, participants will: Participant will be assessed on the following criteria:

On completion of the short course, the participant should be able to demonstrate and apply knowledge and understanding at the forefront of a field:

  • Of infrastructure system management.
  • To demonstrate the ability to identify the principles underpinning infrastructure systems design, operation and maintenance.
  • Of basic engineering infrastructure technology, principles and practice.

To use technical problem solving skills to identify, analyse and address infrastructure system management

  • Level of knowledge attained in: basic engineering theory and infrastructure system design.
  • Knowledge of infrastructure standards and level of services.
  • Infrastructure system analysis.
  • Infrastructure system report writing.
  • Formulation of intervention strategies.
  • Need and prioritization in planning.
  • Knowledge of preferred technology, operational practices and infrastructure management.
  • Written and verbal reporting
  • To critically discuss the problem and need for infrastructure system management within the private and/or public sector.
  • To analyse existing infrastructure management practices and possible deficiencies.
  • To identify and redesign current infrastructure management practices.
  • To assess application of technology in engineering material selection, design, specifications and performance.
  • To compile a technical report on infrastructure assessment with alternative strategic options.
  • To compile an infrastructure management intervention strategy for infrastructure systems inclusive of procedures, priorities and costs.

Explain the impact of reports and conclusions to management

  • Demonstrate and apply basic knowledge of the policy and legislative framework and regulations applicable to infrastructure system management.
  • Understanding the basic technical knowledge of/and integration of the theory, standards, technology, practice and operation of infrastructure management systems.
  • To explain and report on the content of reports, conclusions and recommendations to management


Formative and Summative.
Method of assessment: 
• Tests during contact sessions and on-line (25%) • Focused assignments (15%) • Practical assignment (60%)

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Mode of delivery: 
Target group: 
Public sector and Private Sector staff providing services to the Public Sector.
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