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Short Course
Environmental Legal Liability
The diversity of statutory measures, standards and requirements that companies have to comply with is increasing and changing continuously. Management and operational personnel are finding it increasingly difficult to keep track of the constant changes to the legal environment, what the requirements for legal compliance are, and how to interpret and translate them into operational requirements. A knowledge of all the applicable legal requirements is therefore essential and of strategic importance to all organisations implementing ISO 14001 management systems. Equipped with the necessary knowledge of the requirements for legal compliance, managers are better equipped to minimise or prevent risks to environmental, health and safety, and legal and financial risks and liabilities, whilst avoiding prosecution

Purpose of the course:

After completion of this course operational and management, personnel will have a basic knowledge of applicable environmental legislation relating to statutory duties, which may give rise to civil and criminal liabilities, in order for management to recognize and act in cases where transgressions arise.

Admission requirements:

Admission requirements: 
A Grade 12 certificate as a minimum
Learning assumed to be in place: 
Gr 12 or NQF level 4 competencies.

Course outcomes and assessment criteria :

Course outcomes and the associated assessment criteria: 

Study Unit


Assessment Criteria

  After completion of this course, participants will: Participant will be assessed on the following criteria:

No assessment

No assessment

No assessment


Letter of attendance only
Method of assessment: 
No formal assessment

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Mode of delivery: 
Target group: 
Environmental practitioners
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