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Short Course
Introducing media to the Life Orientation classroom for teachers
Although the role of media in society is placed under the umbrella of Human Rights and Diversity the impact of media on the lives of learners and on society as a whole is implicit in all the topics covered by Life Orientation. There is a desperate need for learners to be trained in the responsible and ethical use of media, with specific reference to social media. Using media in the classroom can be a helpful tool in bringing real issues into the classroom but should also be used with discretion and in an ethical manner. Therefore teachers need to be equipped with the skills to successfully choose and implement media for use in their classrooms. This module, therefore, deals with two aspects, the training of learners to be responsible and critical in their use of social media and the empowerment of teachers to effectively use media as a teaching tool.

Purpose of the course:

This module is developed to enhance the knowledge of Life Orientation teachers on the use of media in the classroom and to empower them with skills necessary to promote critical thinking and responsible choices in learners with regards to media, including printed and social media.

Admission requirements:

Admission requirements: 
Full time teacher
Learning assumed to be in place: 
Teaching qualification

Course outcomes and assessment criteria :

Course outcomes and the associated assessment criteria: 

Study Unit


Assessment Criteria

  After completion of this course, participants will: Participant will be assessed on the following criteria:
Introducing Media to the Life Orientation Classroom for Teachers
  • basic knowledge and informed understanding of the umbrella concept of media in the classroom and society;
  • ability to access and process information from different sources and critically evaluate the advantages and disadvantages of using media;
  • be able to apply relevant skills to promote responsible and ethical behaviour with regards to the use of various forms of media
  • effectively use media in their teaching and assessment
  • identify and use information from different sources and critically evaluate the advantages and disadvantages of using media;
  • promote ethical and responsible use of media in their teaching and learning as well as in the lives of their learners


Method of assessment: 
Formal formative assessment

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Mode of delivery: 
Target group: 
In-service teachers
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