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Short Course
Technology and Enterprise Management
NWU is recognised amongst the leaders in the fields of innovation and technology management and is ideally suited to deliver this programme

Purpose of the course:

The Programme in Enterprise and Technology Management (PETM) is part of the Graduate Programme for Young Graduates (Discover) in Technology (GPFT) run at Vodacom. It is designed for current and future leaders and specifically participants from the female environment within the organisation and aims to create a detailed understanding of the dynamics between the business environment and the integration of technology and the role the latter plays in terms of taking the business forward. The programme therefore focuses on enterprise issues such as finances, human capital, marketing and customers as well as technology issues. Participants will integrate the learnings and present that as a Business Case to the organisation towards the end of the programme.

Admission requirements:

Admission requirements: 
Must be selected as part of Vodacom’s Graduate Programme for Young Graduates in Technology (GPFT)
Learning assumed to be in place: 
To be selected to the GPFT candidates must: • Have successfully completed a general science degree at an accredited institution. • Have indicated their willingness to excel into the management ranks of the company. • Display certain management competencies as assessed through various instruments.

Course outcomes and assessment criteria :

Course outcomes and the associated assessment criteria: 

Study Unit


Assessment Criteria

  After completion of this course, participants will: Participant will be assessed on the following criteria:
  1. of the ICT business environment in terms of the forces and dynamics that play a role in this environment.
  1. To analyse and manage the enterprise through applying sound management and leadership principles.
  1. of the mobile environment and the technology that drives that environment.
  2. To apply the Vodacom Business models in a practical sense.
  3. to optimise technology and innovation strategies.

To Present a Business Case to the company through the application of the learning matter.

  • Complete assignments on the Technological playing field, the Legal environment and the forces impacting on the ICT environment and successfully pass that.
  • Complete group and individual assignments on costing, brands and branding, mobile customers and human capital management and successfully pass that.
  • Complete assignments on business models in the mobile environment, the digital value chain and the integration and management of networks and successfully pass that.
  • Complete assignments on technology strategy and reframing business and successfully pass that..
  • Do a business case in the format of a business plan and present that to assessors of the university and the company and pass that.


The assessment framework of the PETM is built around the following: • Self-assessment to embed the learning matter. • Populating workbooks through group discussions and personal reflection. • Peer-to-peer assessment is conducted in the contact sessions and is facilitated by the facilitator. Reflection is done to ensure a detailed understanding of the knowledge areas that are covered. • Individual as well as group assignments are done to ensure that the learning outcomes are reached and the practical implementability demonstrated. • Completion of a Business Case by creating a Business Plan for either the Telemetry or Entertainment market from Vodacom’s perspective. All of the above will have to be successfully completed.
Method of assessment: 
The assignments will be assessed by the subject experts and professionals presenting the different modules. The assignments will be moderated by the accreditation body and experts from industry and the final results will be submitted to the accreditation body for final approval and certification.

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H40 100 1
Mode of delivery: 
Target group: 
Part of the Graduate Programme for Young Graduates in Technology at Vodacom (lower- management)
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