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Short Learning Programme
Developing an Operational or Business Plan


NWU School of Business & Governance
Thabo Mbeki Way, Bult, Potchefstroom (Senwes Park: NW Cricket Stadium Sedgars Park)- Thabo Mbeki Way, Bult, Potchefstroom: DMS Coordinates -26°41'9.70" S 27°04'25.90"
South Africa
Organisations that do not perform at their peak find that, over the long term, they are unable to compete effectively, efficiently, professionally and sustainably at the highest levels. It is also a fact that many businesses or projects in the corporate world are established or introduced without properly determining the viability of such a venture. The business model and business plan may be sound but eventually, it is the implementation of these plans that will secure success. Proper groundwork is essential for peak performance over the long term.

Purpose of the course:

Participants will learn the purpose, approach and outcomes of the application of viability studies. These will be applied in both the business model canvas as well as the business plan. The ultimate goal, however, is to transform these plans in a workable implementation framework.

Admission requirements:

Admission requirements: 
Participants should hold positions of supervision or middle management or should be identified/earmarked to become supervisors.
Learning assumed to be in place: 

Course outcomes and assessment criteria :

Course outcomes and the associated assessment criteria: 

Study Unit


Assessment Criteria

  After studying this module participants should be able to demonstrate the following informed understanding and skills to: The assessor will know that participants have achieved this outcome if they are able to:
Prepare to start a new business venture.
  • determine the financial viability and market viability of a project or new venture whilst applying fundamental requirements of and identifiable viable business plans.
  • discuss and describe the importance of a business plan.
  • determine strengths and weaknesses of a proposed business idea.
  • explain different types of viability.
Draft a Business Model
  • draft a business model canvas explaining all nine elements of the canvas in a practical manner.
  • determine the value proposition for the relevant segments as per canvas.
  • identifying the respective income streams.
  • discuss and describe the business model canvas.
  • determine the value proposition for different market segments.
  • determine the financial viability of the project by explaining the income streams and cost structure.

How can one ensure success with a business plan?

  • compile a basic business plan for a new venture or project and understand how it can contribute to the success of the project or venture.
  • explain what must be contained in a business plan and what not.
  • explain how one should use a business plan. 
  • write a business plan for a new business venture or project.

Prepare an implementation plan

  • Compile a basic implementation plan that includes functional timelines, responsibilities, and budgets.
  • explain what must be contained in a project implementation plan.
  • explain how one should use the implementation plan.
  • compile an implementation plan for a new business venture or project.


To pass the programme, a participant has to obtain a mark of 50% (or more).
Method of assessment: 
Submission of a practical portfolio of evidence .

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Mode of delivery: 
Target group: 
First-line supervisors, senior supervisors and middle managers
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