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Short Learning Programme
Management Principles
This short learning programme will support a manager with the practical tools to enhance their performance in the workplace. To enhance the manager’s knowledge of marketing management, business management, economic principles, and financial management all of which are critical to business performances.

Purpose of the course:

To equip a manager with competencies required to effectively understand, plan, conduct and manage, skills that are needed to manage a team/ division/ department/ unit in a business environment. Alternatively, to enhance the knowledge of existing managers to stay up-to-date with the latest management environment and to prepare new managers for a challenging position.

Admission requirements:

Admission requirements: 
Grade 12 with at least 3 years working experiences in a business environment.
Learning assumed to be in place: 
Understanding of the different marketing concepts in a business environment.

Course outcomes and assessment criteria :

Course outcomes and the associated assessment criteria: 

Study Unit


Assessment Criteria

Module 1: Business Management


Identify, analyse and apply the operational principles of management in the workplace.


1. Analyse and interpret the results of the strategy of a business, the macro-environment relating to the industry, and the competitive environment relating to its own function.


2. Identify the factors affecting performance, assess performance and implement improvements in meeting the objectives of the business.

3. Understand and apply the operational principles of management in the workplace.


4 Describe the different roles to perform administrative management tasks and responsibilities for a supervisor.


5. Explain and differentiate between leadership and management and apply the different roles and qualities of leadership in work context.


Module 2: Economic Principles

Explain and apply the basic principles of economic indicators and the importance of government policies in the financial service environment.


1. Explain the basic principles of economics.


2. Explain the use of economic indicators.


3. Explain the importance of government policies in the investment environment.


4. Apply the fundamentals of economics to the financial services environment.


Module 3: Financial Management

Understand the financial aspects of a business by interpreting the financial statements and forecasts by using different ratios


1.  Indicate and describe the financial aspects of a business


2.  Interpret the financial statements and provide financial forecasts


3.  Create, calculate and analyse an income statement and balance sheets using different ratios


4.  Distinguish between the principles of economics ( micro-, and macro-economics) as they apply to the public finance


5.  Describe and utilise the use of economic indicators, theories, and principles


Module 4: Marketing Management

Explain and analyse the marketing plan to obtain an approved strategy in order to produce reports on marketing activities of a business.

1. Explain the concept and different aspects of marketing (the four p’s).


2. Define marketing and describe the different types of marketing function.


3.  Evaluate and co-ordinate brand, product, and service promotion opportunities in order to retain a competitive environment.


4. Explain the impact on marketing plan by using current data when preparing a marketing strategy for approval and implementation.


5. Describe factors involved in the development and motivation of staff and produce reports on marketing activities.


6.  Establish personnel selling objectives and determine personnel selling strategies and techniques.



Formative Assessment: After each module an assignment will be handed in (practical scenario / case study). Summative Assessment: Portfolio of Evidence and Project Presentation.
Method of assessment: 
Assignments and PoE according to the memorandums; the project presentation is assessed by a panel. A record of attendance is issued for attendees that complete a module(s); only attendees that complete the course receive a certificate of completion.

Additional information

Mode of delivery: 
Target group: 
The target group for this short learning programme is for people who are seeking the necessary skills to add a competitive edge to their own skills set, those people challenged with performance issues threating effectiveness as a manager, those individuals companies wishing to develop their staff for future management positions.
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