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Short Learning Programme
Physical Education
There is a great need for training in the presentation of Physical Education (PE). This subject was reintroduced to the school curriculum after a long absence, and will be part of Life Orientation. Many teachers who have to present Life Orientation are not adequately qualified to present PE. The Subject Group Movement Education in the Faculty of Education Sciences of the North-West University, has special expertise in this field and have a teacher education programme specializing in PE. Extensive research has been done in the presentation of creative and exciting PE in difficult South African circumstances, e.g. limited availability of facilities and equipment, large classes, and unmotivated learners.

Purpose of the course:

The participants will gain knowledge and skills in presenting creative practical physical activities with limited equipment. The participants will learn practical strategies to present PE activities to large groups of learners.The participants will gain knowledge and skills in a variety of practical PE activities suitable for learners of different developmental levels.The participants will gain knowledge and skills to assess performance in movement skills and physical fitness in PE, within the framework of the curriculum.

Admission requirements:

Admission requirements: 
Any teacher with a teaching qualification would qualify to be admitted to the short learning programme.
Learning assumed to be in place: 
Knowledge of the GET or FET Life Orientation curriculum content. Participants registering for this short learning programme should also have a basic understanding of lesson planning, and should have passed any teaching-related module on first year university or college level.

Course outcomes and assessment criteria :

Course outcomes and the associated assessment criteria: 

Study Unit


Assessment Criteria


Apply a variety of practical movement skills and physical fitness activities within the established foci of Physical Education, including the sub-topics as stipulated in the curriculum, to promote movement and movement development.

Design (theoretical) and present (practical) activities represented in the foci of Physical Education and sub-topics of the Physical Education curriculum.


Assess performance in movement skills and physical fitness in Physical Education.

Analyse and assess movement skills and physical fitness within the established foci of Physical Education, including the sub-topics as stipulated in the curriculum.

Know and understand the value and place of Physical Education as part of the learning area/subject Life Skills/Life Orientation, also in different phases of development in the learner.

Explain and discuss the effect of exercise and physical activities on the body  in different phases of development in the learner, and explain how this knowledge relates to Life Skills/Life Orientation


Use a variety of organisational strategies in presenting movement activities to a large group of  learners.


Explain and describe or draw a class set-up and lesson plan to effectively, organise a group of learners during the presentation of movement activities.


Summative assessment in the form of a theoretical test and a practical assessment on the last day of the course, and a portfolio to be submitted after the course. Baseline assessment: Pre-test (10%) Formative assessment: Class activities, homework exercises. (50%) Summative assessment: Post-test (20%) Summative assessment: Practical post-test (20%) Students wishing to obtain a certificate of competence will be requested to submit an evidence-based portfolio.
Method of assessment: 
Practical presentation assessment Test Portfolio The participants will be assessed in the week of training by means of pre- and post-tests, class activities and homework exercises to determine if the participants have achieved the learning outcomes at end of the week. The participant must attend all the contact sessions, and must obtain a minimum of 50% for the total of all the assessment tasks in order to receive a certificate.

Additional information

Mode of delivery: 
Target group: 
Intermediate phase, Senior phase and FET phase teachers in schools who are teaching or who are going to teach Life Orientation/Physical Education, as well as subject educational specialists and advisors, and all other role players with a specific interest in Physical Education in the GET and FET phases.
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