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Short Course
Teaching English as a Foreign Language
There are worldwide opportunities for people who can teach English as a foreign language. As a result, many students and members of the public are interested in learning to teach English as a foreign language and pursuing teaching opportunities overseas. This course provides the essential knowledge and skills required for such a job. It includes theoretical and practical training in the techniques of teaching English.

Purpose of the course:

The purpose of the course is to equip participants to teach English as a foreign language and to become competent and approachable instructors of English as a foreign language

Admission requirements:

Admission requirements: 
Minimum age of 20; satisfactory performance on a test of written and spoken English.
Learning assumed to be in place: 
Participants will typically be persons who have completed the first degree or who are in the process of doing so.

Course outcomes and assessment criteria :

Course outcomes and the associated assessment criteria: 

Study Unit


Assessment Criteria

  After completion of this course, participants will:

Participant will be assessed on the following criteria:

Understand and explain basic TEFL terminology
  • Explain basic TEFL terminology
Understand, explain and use the grammatical system of English
  • Use the grammatical system correctly in assignments, lesson plans and practical sessions
Devise lesson plans on the four skills of listening, speaking, reading and writing
  • Devise lesson plans on listening, speaking, reading and writing, integrating the skills where appropriate
Devise lesson plans on functions, grammar, vocabulary and pronunciation
  • Devise lesson plans on functions, grammar, vocabulary and pronunciation, integrating these aspects where required
Devise integrated English lessons
  • Devise and teach integrated lessons
Make use of communicative activities such as role play, simulations and language games
  • Make use of communicative activities in lesson plans
Assess the level of English of learners
  • Test learners to establish problem areas that must be attended to
Plan language courses
  • Plan course and cycles of lessons, making use of themes and topics
Evaluate and use textbooks
  • Evaluate textbooks and use textbooks appropriate and efficiently in class
Make use of appropriate teaching aids and technology in English lesson
  • Incorporate teaching aids and technology in lessons
Motivate learners in language learning and create a pleasant learning environment
  • Create a pleasant leaning environment by encouraging learners and interacting in an appropriate way with them
Use a dictionary in order to explain the meaning of word and pronounce words correctly
  • Look up the meaning and pronunciation of a word in a dictionary and explain these to leaners in an appropriate context
Teach English one-on-one
  • Interact appropriately and efficiently with a learner in a one-on-one teaching context
Teach aspects of Business English
  • Devise lesson plans on aspects of Business English
Write a résumé
  • Write an effective résumé in order to apply for a job
Apply for a job and take part in an interview
  • Take part in an interview for a job and provide appropriate answers to questions
Take part in practical sessions and teach lessons
  • Demonstrate teaching skills in practical sessions


Course mark: 50% & Examination: 50%
Method of assessment: 
Continuous assessment of assignments, lesson plans and practical teaching. Open-book examination on lesson planning.

Additional information

Mode of delivery: 
Target group: 
The course is aimed at students and the public at large who would like to learn to teach English as a foreign language in a foreign country.
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