Short Learning Programme on Applied Pharmacotherapy

To develop and assess the clinical skills required by pharmacists in the healthcare sector to enable them to provide pharmacist-initiated therapy (PCDT) at a primary health care level.

Purpose of the course

Successful completion of this short learning programme should provide participants with the essential knowledge in the field of pharmacotherapy, pharmaceutical care and the development of clinical skills in order to provide pharmacist-initiated therapy within the scope of Good Pharmacy Practice.

Admission requirements

Admission requirements
Learning assumed to be in place
- BPharm degree (or equivalent),
- Current registration at the South African Pharmacy Council (SAPC),
- Successful completion of the SLP on Pharmacotherapy 1 and Pharmacotherapy 2 (not
more than three years ago) and
- Two years’ work experience as a registered pharmacist in a clinical environment

Course outcomes and assessment criteria

Course outcomes and the associated assessment criteria

Study Unit


Assessment Criteria

  After completion of this course, participants will: Participant will be assessed on the following criteria:
The participant will have integrated knowledge, critical understanding and practical skills to conduct screening test, perform clinical patient examinations and, recognise diseases.  The participant will be able to perform clinical management of conditions at a primary health care level and have the necessary competency of reporting and documentation of these services.

Demonstrate a holistic approach in evaluation and assessment of the patient in PCDT.

Distinguish between serious and less serious conditions and the appropriate management thereof.

Implement the principles of pharmacotherapy and pharmaceutical care

Document the primary care drug therapy, procedures and outcomes in the appropriate manner.
The participant will gain integrated knowledge and skills through the clinical assistance during consultation and management of a minimum of 200 clinical cases under the direct supervision of a qualified professional health care worker.

Provide authentic prove of a minimum of 200 documented cases of patient consultations at primary health care level.

Illustrate insight and knowledge of the documented cases to the assessors
The participant will have integrated knowledge and sufficient practical and clinical skills and competency at primary health care level to perform physical patient examinations and the relevant clinical investigation

Demonstrate competency in patient examination to the assessors.

Illustrate competency in primary health care patient case management to the assessors.
The participant will be able to assert a professional, accountable and an ethical behavioral attitude towards the delivery of primary care drug therapy (PCDT) services.

Demonstrate professional conduct in the final summative assessments.

Illustrate accountability in practice my means of formative and summative assessments.

Cast an image of responsibility in practice and ethical conduct during the formative and summative phases of assessment


-The method of assessment for this SLP implies integrated an assessment of all the assessment criteria of the SLP on Pharmacotherapy 1 and Pharmacotherapy 2.
-Self-assessment by means of individual study and insight testing by handing in of working assignments
-Formative assessment by means of being assisted by a qualified professional healthcare worker in clinical case management.
-Formative assessment by practical demonstrations and the evaluation of core skills and competencies.
-Summative assessment by means of the completion of a practical and oral examination on clinical patient examination, clinical investigations and patient case management at primary health care level.
Method of assessment
Participants will be assessed by means of compulsory work assignments, clinical case management and a practical and oral examination.

Additional information

Programme number
F01 100 1
Mode of delivery
Target group
Practising pharmacists in the public and private health care sector

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Mr Andy de Koker
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