Short Learning Programme in Employment Relations on Employment Equity

In today's dynamic business landscape, organisations face increasing pressure to ensure compliance with employment equity legislation and actively contribute to the economic empowerment of marginalised groups. The Short Learning Programme in Employment Relations on Employment Equity and Compliance with B-BBEE is designed to address these critical challenges and equip participants with the knowledge and skills needed to navigate this complex terrain successfully.

Purpose of the course

Participants will acquire a proper knowledge of the different areas of Employment Equity that are widely considered as important to the effective conduct of Employment Relations in the workplace. Through role-play, case studies, practical exercises, and lectures, participants are helped in workshops towards honing their own skills in managing Employment Equity. Overall, the purpose of the course is to create a cohort of informed and empowered individuals who can play instrumental roles in promoting employment equity, driving B-BBEE initiatives, and shaping a brighter, more equitable future for South Africa. Through knowledge, understanding, and action, participants can be catalysts for positive change within their organisations and society at large.

Admission requirements

Admission requirements
To enrol in this program, you need a matric qualification or similar. It is open to individuals from various backgrounds interested in a deeper understanding of employment equity and B-BBEE. Whether you are an HR professional, business owner, or aspiring entrepreneur, this program will provide valuable insights and practical guidance.
Learning assumed to be in place
Proficiency in English is essential to ensure effective learning and meaningful participation in discussions, activities, and assessments.

Course outcomes and assessment criteria

Course outcomes and the associated assessment criteria


Assessment Criteria

After completion of this course, participants will have: Participant will be assessed on the following criteria:
Basic knowledge and informed understanding of employment equity.
  • Define and explain comprehensively what employment equity are.
  • Explain and complete an employment equity plan.
  • Be aware of the designated employers.
  • Explain when companies comply with the Act.
Knowledge and, and the ability to monitor and evaluate an employment equity plan.
  • Monitor an employment equity plan.
  • Evaluate an employment equity plan.
Basic knowledge and informed understanding of the Acts that play a role in employment equity.
  • Identify and discuss the different Acts in employment equity.
  • Compare the different Acts and their impacts
Basic knowledge and informed understanding of what affirmative action entails.
  • Define affirmative action.
  • Explain the developmental stages of affirmative action.
  • Discuss the role of affirmative action in BBBEE.
  • Participate in a role-play on affirmative action.
Knowledge of and the ability to discuss an employment equity plan as part of a practical exercise.
  • Give examples of employee participation.
  • Explain workplace forums.
  • Discuss unfair discrimination.
  • Discuss employment equity.
The ability to compile a guide to implement diversity management in the workplace.
  • Explain what diversity means.
  • Provide a guide to employers on how to implement diversity management.
  • Discuss the implications of new systems in SA.


The assessment will include both formative and summative components, such as quizzes, written assignments, group discussions, case studies, and practical exercises. These assessments will not only gauge participants' knowledge of the Employment Equity Act and B-BBEE requirements but also assess their ability to develop and implement effective Employment Equity Plans.
Method of assessment
The assessment will include both formative and summative components..

Additional information

Programme number
H34 100 1
Mode of delivery
Target group
Everybody involved in the workplace should benefit greatly. It includes practitioners, public service officials on National, Provincial, Local and Parastatals level as well as persons who would like to strengthen their original education or marketability.
3 months

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Mrs Rentia Conradie
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